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 In addition to Kurama's outstanding intellect and master strategies, he uses a long list of plants to aid him in his fights. The most prominent of these is a rose which he transforms into a whip. Kurama's rose whip is incredibly strong, able to cut through solid steel. Occasionally he uses the whip to distribute seeds without his opponent's knowledge. He uses a variety of plants and seeds (mostly found in the Demon Realm) to incapacitate his opponents in different ways. He's able to grow these plants in seconds to minutes, often to the surprise of those he is fighting.

Kurama is also decent at hand-to-hand fighting, though he prefers to keep distance between himself and his targets as much as possible. As of the end of the series Kurama also has the ability to access Youko's form whenever he wishes. It offers him a bit of a power boost, but he prefers his human form. Kurama is also a master thief well known in the Demon and Spirit Realms for his skills. When he chooses he's able to come and go almost unnoticed. He can also mask his demon energy to appear as less of a threat.

Abilities Listed Below
((Copy-Pasta from the Yu Yu Hakusho Wikia))

Astral Projection: Kurama demonstrates the ability to naturally separate his physical body with his spirit in order to enter the Spirit World.

Pseudo-Creature: This parasite merges with its host on the cellular level, instinctively repairing any damage done to the host body. Unless the host's brain is destroyed, the host will stay in a 'half-life' for a very-long time. Its appearance is similar to that of the Sinning Tree, which begs the question of whether or not the two plants are somehow related.

Accelerated Growth: Kurama is able to speed up the rate of growth of plants, allowing him to create a forest in mere seconds as a means of hiding himself. He can also control the plants he grew to do certain tasks. 

Kurama's Plants and Seeds

Rose Whip: Kurama's signature technique, where he uses his demon energy to grow a rose from its seed state to its flowering state and then into a long thorny whip that's capable of cutting even through steel. With this he is able to conceal seeds of different plants with such stealth that the opponent doesn't realize it until it has already happened.

Rose Whiplash: Kurama swiftly slashes the whip in multiple directions.

Super Rose Whip:
A more devastating form of the rose whip. He uses this attack against defense armor Sensui.

Rose Whip Thorn Wheel:
Kurama draws the Rose Whip and swings it around him in a circle, as rose petals scatter around and stun his opponents, while the wheel created from the whip unleashes cresent-shaped energy blades.

Petals and Thorns: is executed via a whirlwind of razor-sharp rose petals materializing in the palm of Kurama's hand and then swirling around him. If an opponent/attacker gets within a certain range, the petals attack and rip them to shreds. Kurama mainly uses this technique as a barrier or to take out large numbers of weaker demons.

Seed of the Death Plant: This is a small seed that Kurama plants in his opponent's body and can be manipulated using his demon energy. After it has had enough time to secure its roots within the victim's body, the death plant bursts forth from within, killing the opponent.

Death Tree: A Demon World plant, the Death Tree is a root-based plant that contains huge mouths at the end of each root. It is a carnivorous tree with an acidic saliva capable of melting flesh and bone easily. Instinctively it strikes anything that moves.

Ojigi Plant: A plant indigenous to South America. When grown with demon energy, it mutates into a creature that responds to movements or heat by closing its leaves around its prey and crushing it to death. It is considered the demon world equivalent of the mimosa plant, but unlike its human world counterpart, which withdraws in response to a presence, this demonic plant actually pursues any heat it notices. It has to be summoned by incantation, "agron tentagram bicheon sabbat adonai".

Bloodsucking Plant: A special Demon World plant that can attach itself to its victim and drain them of their blood before blossoming into a beautiful, rose-like, flower once it has drained enough blood from its victim. 

Lamp Weed: Plants that act as markers for Kurama to find his way back.

Sinning Tree: The tree responds to the memories of the victims, ensnaring the consciousness of the victim with hallucinations of wickedness, and forces them to replay their fears as it feeds off of its victims' life force, never stopping until its host is dead. If, for some reason, the victim continues to struggle, then the tree will generate extra tendrils in order to restrain its victim as it feeds.

Floating Leaf: This plant appears as "wings", similar to that of a butterfly, on Kurama's back that double as a glider. 

The Binding Fist of the Demonic Vine: Similar to the Rose Whip in that it is composed of a vine with thorns, but this time it grows around Kurama's arm and is wielded as a sword-like weapon. Although he did use a similar attack, Leaf Blade, in his earlier days. It is speculated that this attack is in fact created by what are essentially rose whips manipulated and entangled around Kurama's arm, creating a sharp piercing weapon.

Okunenju Roots/Memory-Recall Tree: Kurama can control the roots of the Okunenju and use them to attack his opponent. The plant, however, takes millennia to grow and requires a large amount of energy to manipulate.

Bamboo Forest: An unnamed technique that transforms the plant first into a spear, and then by striking the ground with said spear, a large number of bamboo pikes burst out of the ground and impales the opponent several times.

Parrot Grass: Kurama uses this shrub in order to deceive a group of religious terrorists who had taken the Gates of Judgment hostage and used radio check-ins to make sure nothing was going wrong.

Leaf Blade: In the Two Shots chapter, Kurama's main weapon was a leaf transformed into a sword. Presumably this was before he was at the level of using his Rose Whip again. In the anime, this is replaced with the Rose Whip.
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Series: Yu Yu Hakusho

Character: [Youko] Kurama | Shuichi Minamino 
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Timeline: Post Series

Personality: Kind hearted and incredibly intelligent, Kurama is initially presented as a mysterious character. His quiet, calculating demeanor makes him somewhat unapproachable. But he is not unfriendly, so much as  he just doesn't fit in with his human classmates. He is always respectful and helpful when his classmates ask for his help. It is his human mother, Shiori, that really holds a special place in his heart though. When he decided to possess her unborn son, Kurama initially had no plans to grow attached to Shiori or any other humans. Possessing Shuichi was merely a means to an end and he intended to leave as soon as he'd regained his demonic energy. But being raised by Shiori (as well as having his demon self merge with the human boy), changed him drastically. When Kurama discovered that Shiori was dying, he teamed up with two other demons to help steal an artifact that could save her life at the cost of his own. Over the course of his human life, Kurama changed from a feared, cruel and manipulating thief to a devoted son willing to do anything for his mother.

Some of his former-self is still there though. It shows through best in his fighting style. He is calculating, ruthless, and self sacrificing when he needs to be. And is always thinking steps ahead of his opponents like a chess master. Whenever he fights, Kurama first tries to assess his opponent's skills. This often leaves him injured, sometimes to the point that he can no longer continue to fight. But until he can no longer move or is knocked out, Kurama always fights on. This shows his devotion to his friends and tournament teammates. He's a master tactician all around though, quickly able to analyze an opponent's strategies, skills and weaknesses to form the perfect plan of attack. Up against other demons, he's often pushed into using deadly techniques, even though he'd prefer not to kill. This is opposed to his former-self Youko. Youko enjoys tormenting and playing with his 'prey'. Well aware of his superior fighting skill and intellect, he's not afraid to draw out pain in order to amuse himself, or get something from his opponent. The ancient demon can also be cruel and nasty, usually aimed at intimidating whoever he is fighting.

Even though Kurama never connected with his human classmates, he became close with Hiei, Yuusuke, Kuwabara, Botan, Koenma, Genkai and the other people he fought with and against after joining Yuusuke's group. His friends don't often see his darker side (except in battle), but are more than used to his normally serious demeanor. Sometimes they see his lighter, playful side, and the smile that he doesn't share with anyone but his family and friends. He can be critical and brutally honest with them when it comes to their abilities, because he trusts that they will know he only wishes to help them become better. He's also very loyal to his friends. When Yomi asks Kurama to join him in taking over the Demon Realm, Kurama betrays him in order to help Yuusuke. Even though he felt guilty over what he'd done to Yomi in the past, he threatened Kurama's family, and was part of his old life. Generally Kurama respects personal boundaries unless he has taken it upon himself to meddle. He has a sense of humour and enjoys participating in jokes and pranks with his friends. Hiei's annoyance tends to be one of Kurama's favourite things to laugh about.

 Yu Yu Wikia

Abilities/Additional Notes: See Here!

Advocate Note:

Sample Journal Post: Visitor's Intro Post
And his exit post~!

Sample RP: Playing in his garden...


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